What Are Your Prepper Gear Recommendations?

Thanks for the advise about the Navy wool stocking caps. I’ll have to get over the nerdiness factor of them and check them out, your write-up makes them seem like, ‘Da Bomb.
Take the rest of this as my attempt to pass on good info. Discombobulated as it is… lots of distractions in the background.

You two old foggies have both got some pretty good advise about camping and roughing it. [I mean that in a good way.]
I didn’t see an, ‘attack’, per say, all I read was some good natured ribbing which was good for, ‘improved changes’ and some reflection.Ymmv. The response it created was great reading. I forget what shstuff I have too, sometimes. Lists aren’t terrible, but not great. …A person can get buried in lists. Balance is key, and IT IS subjective for each individual.

RE – ‘it has been proven that many forms of pill type vitamins cannot be broken down by the human body and pass right through and out the south end before any benefit is derived from the vitamins’

‘Proven’, by whom? Big Pharma? …Yeah, if so, that’s surely something to take to the bank to buy a certain well known bridge.

Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False

[Keyword – ‘Half’.]

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

People can choose to follow the advise and studies of those who are funded, and benefit from, ‘Big Pharma’ … – OR – you can listen to those who base their advise upon thousands of years of human, ‘evolution’ and from those who have lived before us and what worked best for them in combination with studies which may, or may not, be accurate. … Clear as mud, eh?

Consider this – In the financial arena, some would say that fiat Dollars are fine and dandy, how-freaking-ever; there’s 5000 years of evidence of what works well for People as money. …Take your side. Gnoe what I mean?

Truly – It’s really difficult to know, ‘what is right, and what is wrong’ [que- The Moody Blues] theze days. We are living in a barbaric time period where many people accept what the, ‘priests in white robes with stethoscopes’ pronounce as, ‘Truth’ – without question. …

I’m the sort that questions things. Especially, things from those who act as if they are your, ‘betters’, as opposed to those who seek prevention for your betterment. Perhaps, you should be, too?

The Richline Pro-404 Riveter… and a big batch of pop rivets, works really well for me. It’s a quality tool. I bought it when I was young, poor, and it was a bigger expense than I would like to take for such a tool. Looking back on things, I’m glad I bought it. [The quality of the tool has really paid off compared to those similar cheaper tools which have failed during use.] Especially after reading the Soviet bit, below.

‘Improved Changes’

– Streamlined –

– The film, ‘Land of the Blind’ – with Donald Southerland, keeps surfacing in my thoughts.

Check out the list of symptoms, signs, diseases associated with magnesium deficiency, especially if you’re the kind of person who is cold while bundled up with a jacket and such while standing next to a person wearing shorts and t-shirt who says, ‘I’m warm’.

Mortal consequences

‘Is there evidence that corroborates magnesium deficiency increases mortality? There certainly is.

As misleading as blood serum levels of magnesium may be, one large long-term study did find that those individuals with the highest magnesium blood concentrations were 85% less likely to die from all-causes of death! […]

How Ardent Dietary Supplement Users Unwittingly Make Things Worse Trying To Overcome A Magnesium Deficiency

This was a timeless bit –

‘The best way to prepare for the future, is to understand the past.’

I spent a couple of days reading Gyprat’s insights into societal collapse (Frist hand experience of the collapse of the Soviet Union) over at AR15.COM, you all should check it out. In that thread, he mentioned how, during the Winter months, getting sufficient vitamins from food was a problem. – Take note.

Switching gears a bit, the graph/flow-chart at the beginning of this article is worth taking a look at, imho, to get an idea of what to maybe expect in the future and how to adjust to it, or, resist it?


Bottom line [as a Freedomista, from a perspective of no particular ethnicity] if you can’t pass the, ‘The Jews In The Attic Test’ I’m A-ok with you having no clue – don’t take vitamins and minerals – they’re bad for you.


Go ahead, and get all your vaccine shots, too. They’re, *’proven’* to be perfectly safe.

Victims of vaccine damage can sue manufacturers in the US

The widely unadvertised side effects of vaccines which surely don’t exist must surely be worth avoiding a runny nose or a bit of temporary pain, right?

I’ve read about it, but I haven’t seen the film, ‘Vaxxed’ yet, have you?

Ribbing – I do hope you can read, and, read between the lines. It’s too dang easy to unintentionally offend people with words online, especially when combined with bad grammer like mine.

In my tornado shelter bag I have a GP-5/SSB General Purpose World Receiver radio. It gets shortwave – and – HAM signals. So far, I like it a lot, but I have not tested it out enough to qualify it for the woman’s request for recommendations for stuff which works, backed up by a ton of research and practical applications. Perhaps, I’m making a mistake not having a two-way, but it’s a first step which I thought was worth mentioning.

One other product which I’m impressed by, Ballistol. I’ve only used it for a year or two, but so far, it lives up to its reputation. Some people mention they are thrown off by the smell, as far as I can tell, the smell goes away after awhile and all you’re left with is rust-resistance-lubricating joy.
I would like to find a more ‘editable’ lubricant, but until I do, I spray all my knives with it. It’s not perfect or everlasting, though. I sprayed the hinges to the door of my road-salt soaked 4×4 and it didn’t last all that long. Still, it beats the sheet out of WD-40 or anything else I’ve tested.

Also, the waterproof, flip-fold-and-clip bags they sell at Wallyworld, along with the el-cheap’O nylon bags about 5×10, 4×8, in a pack of three are great for dividing things in B.O.B.’s, G.H.B.’s, and tornado bags to help you find things, the different colors help SIGnificantly. i can’t stress the usefulness of those enough.
Make a tag, with some paper cover by water resistant tape, for good measure and ease of knowing what’s in the bag. List reducer.

P.S. – I LOVE the Wonder Bar -LOVE IT – [well, not actual ‘love’ but you know what I mean] however; in my tornado shelter bag, I have a bit thicker bar for digging out, as I’ve bent bars similar in thickness to the Wonderbar while prying on stuff, far too often. Ymmv.
Plus, I have one of those U.S. Army folding shovels which can be had for cheap. I use some extra thick heavy duty cargo velcro straps to attach a folding saw to it [like the one in the photo above] so it doesn’t jumble about. I’ve read that velcro fails after repeated uses so I try to only use it where it gets used infrequently.

Quite often, I’m hard on stuff. I try not to, ‘ride it hard, and put it away wet’ but it’s good to know about equipment which can withstand such punishment. That’s why I visit this blog.

I hope all that helps someone, To Live for Another Day. You know, like in a James Bond, or a Bourne film. Live and Let Die. Or, just simply, ‘home where you are’… so maybe I get an extra day, too, if you live.

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